Are your beliefs serving you?

Beliefs are interesting things.  We often treat our beliefs as if they are fact.  We don’t question them, or their origins, even when there’s something inside of us that doesn’t feel in total alignment with them.  Our beliefs come from many sources: family, religion, ethnicity, education and others.  When our beliefs are tied to longstanding family traditions or religion, it can be a challenge to question them.  If we no longer prescribe to the beliefs that we were raised with, it can be perceived as a denial of our heritage or that we’re turning our back on our religion or our family.

Accepting the beliefs of others without questioning them, however, leaves us in an interesting position.  We follow the beliefs of others without truly understanding why.  We end up doing things the way they’ve always been done, resistant to change that may provide us with a more efficient or effective way of doing things.  If we’re not careful, we end up closed-minded and closed off from opportunities for continuous growth and development as individuals.

“All belief that does not make us more happy, more free, more loving, more active, more calm, is, I fear a mistaken and superstitious belief.” ~ John K. Lavater

Are you holding on to beliefs that are stopping you from living the life you deserve?  Often, we have limiting beliefs of what we are capable of, what kind of life we’re worthy of and what it is that we have to offer the world.  Why do we hold onto beliefs that don’t contribute to our lives in a positive way?  Does it make you feel good to believe that you aren’t worthy, or good enough or smart enough to achieve your goals?  If you’re beliefs aren’t serving you then it’s time to take inventory of your beliefs and identify those beliefs that serve you and those that don’t. If you have beliefs that aren’t serving you, then why do we hold onto them?

There are times when we have a conflicting belief about a certain area of our life.  Whether it’s about money, marriage or career; those conflicts are guaranteed to block the flow of what it is you want in those areas of your life because you have mixed emotions about them.  Consider challenging those conflicting beliefs.  Look for a positive spin on the negative beliefs in your life, and see if you can turn them into positive affirmations that inspire and empower you.

Holding onto beliefs that don’t serve us in a positive way doesn’t make sense and doesn’t help us get where we want to go.  Like the John Lavater quote implies, I think our beliefs are there to inspire us to be the best we can be in all areas of our lives.  If you have beliefs that are holding you back or making you feel powerless, it’s time to take stock of those beliefs, be willing to rid yourself of those that don’t serve you and create new, powerful beliefs that help you to create your best life!


Planning your honeymoon, unlike planning your wedding should be stress free a stress free experience. You don’t need to worry about anyone but yourselves, so enjoy the process. There are Honeymoon Travel specialist that help you put together the ideal honeymoon, but you can also do it yourselves. Either way the planning should not be intense. Better yet it can be enjoyable. So here are some tips to help you plan for the trip of your lifetime!

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, the sooner the better. Planning ahead gives you time to budget accordingly for the entire trip and prepare the necessary documents.

Where do you want to go?  List it, if you want to go to Italy- where in Italy do you want to go and what do you want to see. If you want to go to Hawaii, where in Hawaii. You need to pick a place so you can schedule your time, especially if you only have a week long honeymoon. If it is longer it is more flexible. Some places take a long time to travel to, take this into account.

Account for seasonal differences. You may not want to travel the day after your wedding, especially if you’re flying into hurricane season. Make sure that you research seasons before you book a flight, there is nothing wrong with having a belated honeymoon.

Make sure you know what type of honeymoon you desire. Not every honeymoon is the same, there re relaxation, adventure, sightseeing, touring, or a mix of experiences available to you. And choose the accommodation type- all-inclusive resorts provide free booze and food, or would you like to rent a cottage, or stay in a villa? Furthermore, many resorts offer remarkable honeymoon packages, see if your accommodation has something special for you.

Finally make sure that you purchase travel insurance! Although you may be feeling like an immortal after planning the wedding of the century, it is essential that you make sure you are covered. There are so many reasons which could cause you to cancel your trip/ postpone. You could have to return early or you may need to seek emergency medical treatment while traveling this can cost you from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands! This is why insurance is a necessity. Travel Insurance offers protection incases one of these occurrences happens. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Oh, and one more important tip. Have fun!

Planning Transportation for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Right now you are probably going through a time of intense planning for your big day. Although this is an exciting time, you are no doubt busy making all of the necessary arrangements. While you are choosing your bossiest friend to rein in the wedding party, worrying about guests who will be needing to fly in from out of town, creating a schedule and confirming it with vendors, choosing centerpieces, flowers,dresses, etc. one thing that you need to address is what you are doing for transportation, and it is best to take care of this sooner than later.

Whether you are planning the transportation for your family, wedding party, and yourselves or you are just for the two of you your wedding transportation is more than just a way to get from place to place. Transportation creates an opportunity for you as a couple to make a statement. This means that you can find the ride to match your wedding day style and personalities.

When you begin looking for wedding transportation choose a company that you know has the type of wheels you are looking for.This definitely won’t be a not a problem if you’re going for the classic white or black limousine, however, if you have your heart set on a vintage Rolls Royce or Aston Martin you will be needing to do your research.

Going with a limousine not only gives you a memorable and reliable ride, but looks fabulous in photos! Many wedding car rental companies provide a wide selection of vehicle styles. Try to think of which wedding transportation will work best for you.

If you have taken on the transport of a large group you can get a stretch limo, an SUV limo, or luxury party bus with enough seating for everyone… and a bar. Doing a shuttle for family ensures that you won’t have a family member’s DUI arrest on your list of memorable moments on your big day.

Because limos, luxury cars, and party buses are popular for weddings and graduation (prom), it is important that you find and book your transportation as soon as you book and finalize the reservations for your wedding venue. It is recommended that you do this at least 6 months before the wedding date.

On my wedding as we were in Atlanta Georgia, we had a great choice of limo companies and as my advice above states, book early. We booked Will Chambers Limos at this web adddress and they were great, helped to make the wedding a big success.

So go on get organized and enjoy your day!!!

The big day

It’s your wedding day, you’ve waited for this. Planned, organized, and worked rigorously towards it. No more decorating, cake tasting, booking vendors- you’ve made it. You have stressed over it. You dreamed of it. It’s finally here.

As you wait to walk down the aisle you will feel the anxiety like no other. It will pass. Remember that waiting for you at the other end of the aisle is your future, is your partner in your life adventure and together it is going to be okay. As you walk down the aisle the pre-ceremony anxiety will change, you will realize “this is happening, right now.” No more waiting.

The ceremony will be magical, almost surreal. When you say your vows to your partner you are binding yourselves together. You are doing this in front of yourloving family and closest friends, this becomes one of the most special moments of your life.

You’re marrying your best friend, you won’t be able to stop smiling. Everyone who is in attendance is there to celebrate you as a couple, to celebrate your connection, to celebrate your love. Those who are there, whether they are your friends and family who you see every day, or those who you haven’t seen since college, are there to support you and shower you with well-wishes.

There will be food and drinks. Speeches and dancing. Stories, tears, and laughter. Have fun! It’s a party, remember! There will be so many memories of your big day, and you will remember the good things, so forget about the little things that don’t go as planned. This is your day.

There will be a moment that you will remember forever. A moment so special it will catch you completely off guard.You don’t know what this moment is going to be, or when it’s going to be. It could be a moment alone with your mother, your dance with your father, your moment alone with your new spouse. All you need to know is that it will be amazing.

After all is said and done, no matter how long you and your spouse have been together, once you’re legally wed and made the vows in front of loving witnesses it will feel different, it will feel official.

This will be a special day that you will always remember. The most important part is that you remember to enjoy it, it’s your moment.


General wedding planning

There is so much wedding advice floating around the Internet and on magazine shelves, unfortunately this bombardment of information can be completely overwhelming. Here are some brutally honest tips to help you with your wedding planning.

  1. Unless you are or are closely related to the spirit of Martha Steward, you need to pay someone to take care of all the artsy decorative stuff. If you are not the queen of D.I.Y maybe think about think hiring a professional to take care of décor, hair, and makeup… etc.
  2. Set the date for those who are the most important, unfortunately the date might not work for everyone… and that has to be okay. It would be amazing if everyone we’ve ever known and loved could make it, but, that is really not often possible. All you can do is do your best and realize that money doesn’t go on trees.
  3. Write thank-you notes as gifts come in as to notget behind. People get very offended by not receiving thank you notes, so stay on top of it.
  4. Stand your ground… while it’s important not to become Bridezilla,don’t be afraid to firmly say “no thanks”. Practicing this firm stance will help you say “No” to the no kids, no you cannot bring your friend and a date, no I don’t want an extra tier on my cake, no I don’t want the center piece upgrade. However, pick your battles. You might need one of these people to be your ally.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts (what’s the worst that could happen?)
  6. Don’t drive your bridesmaids crazy. This means don’t be asking them two years before the wedding to help you with crafts for the wedding, respect body types, respect style differences (that means forcing them to dye their hair for you isn’t air), don’t ask them to spend a fortune on your wedding. If you are the terrible bride you might get it right back when your bridesmaids get married.
  7. Don’t forget to plan transportation. This could mean that you are booking transportation for just the newlyweds, the bridal party, or you might be having a shuttle. You should also get in contact with a taxi service and see if they can give your guests discounts. Remember that drinking and driving is one thing that can ruin your big day.
  8. Have fun.

Planning an Epic Bachelorette Party

It is without a doubt that bachelorette parties are the ultimate of girls’ weekends. You not only get to party with your girls, celebrate the fact that one of them taking the plunge. Furthermore, there are really no other situations where it is completely acceptable that you and a pack of wild women run around town wearing a tiara, sashes and fabulous jewelry shaped like certain body parts?

So what do you need to make this night epic?

First of all is the game plan! Are you going to start with games and pre-drinks, move to dinner, the dancing? Or maybe visit some wineries, grab a bite… and check out some dancers? The options are endless! Make your reservations early on so that there is enough space for everyone!

Second, attire! Make sure that you set all the guests and the bride has an idea what to wear. Also, what is the uniform going to be! Is the bride going to wear a tiara and sash? Are the guests going to wear brightly colored wigs, scandalous jewelry, or funny name tags?

Third and most important. Transportation! By hiring transportation no one has to worry about being the “designated driver” for the evening. Limousines offer a fun and fashionable option for making your wild night safe, fun and memorable.

There are so many transportation types for you to choose from; luxury limousine, exotic stretch limos or limo coach party buses. By going with a limo for transportation you get set up with the city’s finest rides making sure everyone arrives like a diva. There is seriously no better way for you totravel with your bachelorette party safely around town. Hailing a cab or traveling in a van can be unreliable and cramped, but when you travel via limo you can take the party with you while in transit. Furthermore, you can look forward to reliable transportation with an awaiting chauffer making sur you get to your destinations.

You can also play fun games in the limo as you go to your destinations! Here is a popular limo bachelorette game…

How well do you know the groom:

A week before the bachelorette party, have everyone come up with a question about the bride for the groom to answer, email all of the questions to him. Eg.“where did you meet”, “favorite color”—and funny things, mix in funny and sexy questions… be creative!  In the limo take turns asking  her the questions, and having her guess his responses. If she answers wrong, she gets punished- this could be done through a dare or the other version of punishment she takes a sip of her drink. When she gets it right, everyone else has to drink.

Now, all that is left for us to do is for us to wish you an epic bachelorette party.